Help Local Kids in Need Go Back to School!

Dress For Success Cleaners

Klothes For Kids Program

Klothes For Kids” is a community-based, grassroots clothes drive for children throughout Dress For Success Cleaners' marketing areas.

The program is promoted as part of our Supermarket Partner seasonal or special event merchandising, advertising and sales efforts.  Klothes For Kids has been tied into Back-to-School and Holiday merchandising promotions, as well as Hurricane Relief.       

Although the primary emphasis is on new clothes donations by Supermarket/Dress For Success Cleaners' customers, there is a secondary push for “gently used” coats and sweater donations that Dress For Success Cleaners will clean for free.

The new clothes and gently-used jackets & sweaters will be donated to a charity selected by Dress For Success Cleaners and our Supermarket Partner.

Contact DFS for more information regarding our Klothes for Kids program.